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Coworking Łódź - basic information

Coworking offices in Lodz have recently become a very popular solution for many freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups. There are a wide variety of coworking spaces here, offering rich technological facilities and professional business support. In recent years, the city has seen a number of startups and companies that need the flexible solutions that coworking offers. Lodz is also a city with a rich industrial and artistic tradition, which has influenced the emergence of many remarkable coworking spaces, where the atmosphere is conducive to creativity and innovation.

Recommended coworking spaces in Lodz

The vast majority of coworking spaces in Lodz are located in recognizable office buildings. Among the most well-known are the serviced offices in Loftmill React and Biznes Zone Łódź. Those looking for a flexible coworking space in the city center should also consider the coworking at Hi Piotrkowska.

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