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Coworking Poznań - basic information

Poznan is the administrative capital of Greater Poland and one of the fastest growing cities in Poland. The city's excellent location on the map of Poland, access to the A2 highway, a steadily growing number of highly qualified employees, technology parks and access to Poznań-Ławica airport determine the high rate of growth in the supply of office real estate, as well as coworking spaces. In Poznań, the number of startups and renowned technology companies that open their branches here is growing every year.


In addition to traditional offices, tenants have a number of other alternatives available to them on the office market. In recent months, both coworking spaces in Poznań and offers of renting offices by the hour have experienced a real boom. Hot-desks with a month-to-month rental option are also very popular, as are serviced offices. Their biggest advantage is their high flexibility in relation to clients' preferences and lower cost of use compared to classic office space.


Coworking spaces in Poznan - locations

A sizable portion of coworking spaces for rent in Poznan are located in well-known, reputable office buildings. They usually occupy selected floors in the buildings, which guarantees flexibility to the needs of tenants. Additionally, location is an extremely important factor. They are generally located in the center of Poznań, which guarantees convenient access for employees both by their own means of transportation and by public transport. A perfect example here are the coworking spaces in Andersia Business Center, Maraton or Regus Okrąglak.


The vast majority of coworking offers in Poznań are located in the city center, near the Old Town and the halls of the Poznań International Fair. Their excellent location in relation to the main railway station Poznań Główny and numerous streetcar and bus stops guarantees convenient access for employees from districts slightly farther from the center, as well as for those commuting from cities of the Poznań agglomeration. Worth noting for tenants are, among others, the offers of ClockWork Poznań Coworking located on Słowackiego Street, coworking Plus One on Garbary Street or Biurcoo on Wolności Square.

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