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How does finne work

What can I find on finne

Every business space that your company needs. You will find Quickly and Easily a new office, coworking or warehouse for rent in over 30 cities in Poland. Everything in one place.

Will I pay for finne services and support

No, because we are not a real estate agency. Our portal is an independent and the largest database of office and warehouse properties for rent throughout Poland. We support tenants in direct contact and negotiations with the owner of the building or warehouse. Tenants do not pay additional fees for our services.

How often are the office and warehouse offers updated on finne

To be honest, constantly. We guarantee the quality and reliability of the data, as they are obtained directly from the property owners or managers. Information about the availability of space for rent and the terms and conditions is therefore updated daily.

Who receives my rental enquiry form

All your questions concerning office, warehouse or coworking space move directly to the property owners and the finne tenant support team. This guarantees you the fastest (and cheapest) service. There is no intermediary and no commission. Additionally, the finne team will do its best to make you satisfied as quickly as possible.

Is finne the manager or leasing representative of the building or warehouse

No. finne is a platform through which you can get direct contact with the owner or manager of the specific office building or warehouse space. We do not manage the buildings ourselves. We only enable you to make contact.

Does filling the contact forms cost anything

No. There is no commission or additional cost involved in submitting a contact form no matter what stage of the search you are at.

Tenant's guide

How do you rent an office with finne

Simply and quickly. First, we help you search for and send requests to offices that meet your requirements. Then we help you to compare offers and arrange a meeting (known as viewing). We can even stay with you until the arrangement stage of your new office, if that's comfortable for you.

What makes up the total cost in a rental offer

Rental price, service charge, parking factor, common area factor and minimum lease term.

What does the office rental budget include

The total cost depends on many factors, starting from the location of the office, the office size (net or gross) and on details like lockers, cycle showers or suspended ceilings. Depending on your needs and choice, we will present you the full budget with substantiation.

What are BTS warehouses

According to their original (English) meaning (BTS = Build To Suit), they are warehouses 'tailor-made' for a given customer. All specifications, including the location, are decided by the owner of the future facility after negotiations with the tenants.

What is the difference between a serviced office and coworking

A serviced office gives the client an enclosed space to run their business as if it were their own building. Rooms, furniture, equipment and maintenance issues - you don't have to worry about anything. It's exclusively our space and we can even brand it as we wish.


Coworking is a slightly lighter form of renting which is very popular among small companies, startups and freelancers. In this case you may rent an office even for a few hours, days or months and meanwhile work together in one office space with others. However, it is a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurial people from different industries.

Where are the available office buildings for rent in Warsaw

The office market in Warsaw offers over 2200 available spaces in nearly 900 buildings. The vast majority of offers are in central districts, i.e. Śródmieście, Wola, Mokotów or Ochota. On finne you will find A, B and C class offices for rent with varying rental prices.

What are the types of warehouse

The simplest division is that between open, semi-open and closed warehouses. Depending on the type of products, the most suitable one is rented. There are also several other types of division of these facilities. You will find lots of practical advice on how to rent the optimal warehouse on finne's help center.

What are high-bay storage space

These are warehouses with racking systems from 12 to 50 metres. Very large quantities of goods are stored there and the control of the whole is usually electronic.

How long does the office rental process take

The rule here is simple - the bigger you want an office, the earlier you have to start looking for. We advise you to perform your initial research 6-12 months before the end of your current contract. Negotiations with office building owners, space arrangements and the finishing work itself take sometimes even a few months.

For real estate owners

What does cooperation with finne look like

Owners of offices or warehouses for rent can choose one of the promotional packages available from finne. Each package differs in price and the scope of the promotion. After taking out a subscription, the persons designated by the property owner (usually the sales or leasing department) receive immediate notification of an enquiry from a potential tenant. Since that moment, your team has negotiated directly with the customer.

Is finne a real estate agency

Our portal is an independent and the largest database of office and warehouse properties for rent in Poland. What distinguishes us from a typical real estate agency is that we support tenants in direct contact and negotiations with the owner of a given office building or warehouse park. For our services, we also do not charge commission fees that depend on the success of the transaction, but only subscriptions for our services paid in advance.

Who handles the inquiry from the tenant

During the negotiation of details, it is the property owner who decides who will represent them. This is generally the person responsible for leasing space in the building or warehouse park in question. It may also be the owner itself or another entity responsible for commercialisation of the space.

Can my listings be positioned higher on finne

Yes. Purchasing the promotional package automatically places your offices or warehouses in a more prominent position on the portal. This applies to both the markets pages and the search results map. Our statistics shows that the purchase of a promotional package results in approximately 300% more visits by users and a significant increase in the chance of an enquiry from a tenant.

What can I include in the offer of my rental property

Depending on the promotional package selected, landlords can enhance the listings of their offices or warehouses for rent. We make it possible to add more photos, a 360-degree panorama, a video showing your property, a virtual tour or floor plans. With more packages purchased, it is also possible to present your entire portfolio!

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