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Magazyny w Łodzi i Polsce Centralnej to jeden z najchętniej wybieranych rynków przez międzynarodowe firmy logistyczne. Ich usytuowanie w pobliżu węzła Autostrady A1 i A2 czyni tę lokalizację niezwykle atrakcyjną. Łączna powierzchnia kompleksów w centralnej Polsce zbliża się obecnie do 4 mln mkw. Największym zainteresowaniem wśród najemców cieszą się magazyny do wynajęcia w Łodzi oraz w Strykowie.

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Warehouses for rent Polska Centralna

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Need help with your warehouse rental?

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Warehouses Polska Centralna - basic information

Warehouses for rent in Central Poland

Central Poland is one of the largest warehouse space markets in the country. Its total leasable space exceeds 3.8 million sqm. The regions included in Central Poland are distinguished not only by their excellent location, but also by their very well-developed road infrastructure. The region includes, among others, Łódź - which is the third most populous city in Poland, Pabianice, Stryków - one of the largest concentrations of warehouses in the area, or Piotrków Trybunalski. All these locations are of interest to tenants and are important logistics centers.

Renting a warehouse in the center of Poland gives companies a natural base for distributing goods on a nationwide and international scale. The region is eagerly chosen by the largest developers of warehouse space such as Prologis, Panattoni Europe, Logicor, SEGRO and Hillwood. Year after year they are increasing the supply of warehouse real estate in Central Poland, mainly in the Lodz region.

Poland's logistics center

Important transportation routes intersect on the warehousing map of Central Poland. The A1 and A2 highways, as well as the S8 expressway, connect the Wroclaw, Lodz, Warsaw and Bialystok agglomerations, and are part of European transport corridors. These are the most important road routes in Poland, which are the basis for the transit of goods. Another important investment is also under way - the S14 expressway, the so-called western bypass of Lodz and the Pabianice bypass. The route is to connect the A2 highway (Emilianów junction) with the S8 expressway (Róża junction) and ultimately close the circle of expressways around Łódź. The result of the ongoing and planned changes is the ever-increasing interest of developers in the development of warehouse facilities in the area.

Warehouse space in Lodz - why is it worth it

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