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Piłsudskiego Józefa 135H, Łódź

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Offer update: 19.10.2022

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Description of P135 offices

P135H is a four-story building with warehouse, production and retail space located in Lodz at 135h Piłsudskiego Avenue. The building is located close to the city center on one of the main thoroughfares of Lodz, the WZ route, and only 5km from the entrance to the A1 highway. The building's location provides excellent access by car and public transportation.

The building is fenced and has three independent entrance gates. The office building at Piłsudskiego 135H has its own parking lot with 100 parking spaces for tenants and clients, as well as a maneuvering area for trucks. In the immediate vicinity of the property there are many public facilities such as courts, banks, offices, post offices and hotels.

Key assets include:

  • Floor height of 4.5 - 5 meters

  • Dedicated parking for 100 cars for tenants and customers

  • Floor load capacity of 1 ton / m2

  • Large power reserve, four trafo substations per floor

  • Fire resistance class Q<1000 MK/M2, no separate fire zones

  • Two freight elevators

  • Two ramps

  • Three entrance gates

  • Maneuvering area for TIR trucks

  • Three staircases - fast vertical and horizontal communication

  • Location right next to an important traffic artery in Łódź - WZ route

  • Only 5 km from the entrance to the A1 freeway

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Details of P135 office building

Building information

Net area
2 340sqm
Gross area
15 200sqm
Building class
Completion year
Q1 1920
Available from

Lease terms in P135

Rates of rent, charges and cost of parking

Office rent
2.62 - 3.49
Retail rent
To be negotiate
Service charge
Parking ground
Parking underground
Common area factor (%)
Parking factor
Min. rental period

Estimated office rental cost

How much does it cost to rent an office with a net area of 100 sqm in this building?

Estimated monthly rent price:

306(1 436PLN)

In addition to the rent price, the tenant is obliged to pay service charges.

Estimated cost of service charges:


We would like to remind you that the above estimations refer to the cost of renting carpeted space. The amounts does not take into consideration negotiations with the owner of the building and the arrangement costs.

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Location of P135 offices

Piłsudskiego Józefa 135H, Łódź


Nearest public transport stops

Piłsudskiego - Konstytucyjna


10 min walk

523 m

Piłsudskiego - Niciarniana


6 min walk

616 m

Piłsudskiego - Konstytucyjna


10 min walk

523 m

Piłsudskiego - Niciarniana


6 min walk

616 m

In the neighborhood

Nearest catering, service and retail outlets

Bike station

Łódź Niciarniana, Rowerowe Łódzkie Poland (RL), Łódź (RL)

901 m


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Shopping Mall


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Gas Station


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Circle K (Statoil)

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Business Street

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Drug store


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