Offices Biurowe Centrum Biznesu

Łagiewnicka 54/56, Łódź



FromPLN 15.00/sqm

Offices for rent: 38

Available area: 11 - 1085 sqm

Offer update: 16.04.2024

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Aneta Połoczańska

Property Manager

A&A Marketing Sp. z o.o.

Description of Biurowe Centrum Biznesu offices

Office Business Center is a B+ class office complex located in close proximity to the city center. Excellent infrastructure inside the building (bank, restaurant, parking lots, conference rooms, notary's office, Action), provides great facilities for business. We offer comfortable office space and provide freedom of space arrangement.

The main entrance leads through a modern reception area. For the convenience of tenants, the property, consisting of three buildings, is connected by a walkway with a high standard of finish, allowing movement without leaving the building. Two conference rooms are available within the office building. The complex is equipped with passenger elevators.

The security of the building at 54/56 Lagiewnicka Street is guaranteed by monitoring and round-the-clock security. A spacious parking lot is available to tenants and their clients. In the immediate vicinity of the BCB complex, bus and streetcar lines of public transport stop, which ensures that access to other districts of the city is fast and comfortable.

One floor of the Office Business Center offers air-conditioned and modernly furnished units ranging from 50 to 450 sqm. A typical floor of about 450 sqm is equipped with such amenities as air conditioning, modern telecommunications systems, a fire alarm system, monitoring, and a fiber-optic connection.

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Details of Biurowe Centrum Biznesu office building

Building information

Net area
14 300sqm
Gross area
16 000sqm
Building class
Completion year
Q1 1970
Available from

Lease terms in Biurowe Centrum Biznesu

Rates of rent, charges and cost of parking

Office rent
PLN 15.00 - 45
Retail rent
PLN 25
Service charge
Parking ground
Parking underground
Common area factor (%)
Parking factor
Min. rental period

Estimated office rental cost

How much does it cost to rent an office with a net area of 100 sqm in this building?

Estimated monthly rent price:

3 600(16 920PLN)

In addition to the rent price, the tenant is obliged to pay service charges.

Estimated cost of service charges:

2 303PLN

We would like to remind you that the above estimations refer to the cost of renting carpeted space. The amounts does not take into consideration negotiations with the owner of the building and the arrangement costs.

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What guarantees comfort at work?

Air conditioning

Power Cabling

Telephone cabling

Computer Cabling

Smoke Detectors




Fibre optics

Tilt Windows


Parking for Guests

Bistro or Canteen

Monitoring System

Bicycle Stands

Location of Biurowe Centrum Biznesu offices

Łagiewnicka 54/56, Łódź


Nearest public transport stops

Łagiewnicka - Dolna


4 min walk

263 m

Łagiewnicka - Kowalska


4 min walk

322 m

Łagiewnicka - Kowalska


4 min walk

327 m

Dolna - Łagiewnicka


3 min walk

398 m

In the neighborhood

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Grocery Store


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Gas Station


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